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Keeping your AC in top condition is a necessity in Arizona. When your AC is not providing the cooling you expect, Society’s Air is ready for your residential and commercial AC repair in Tacna, Yuma, FOOTHILLS, AZ, and surrounding areas. Our certified technicians will diagnose and repair your air conditioner promptly to restore your comfort.

Better Cooling With Society’s Air

At Society’s Air, we are here for you with financing options to ensure we can deliver quality service using parts from the leading brands at a price that fits your budget. We strive to deliver the best customer experience and encourage our satisfied customers to leave honest reviews on Yelp. We are a local family-owned business, and our highly qualified technicians complete your HVAC services with integrity, honesty, and value.

AC Diagnosis and Repair

When your air conditioner is not starting, providing uneven cooling, or substandard cooling, professional diagnosis, and repair is the bestAC Repair in Tacna, Yuma, FOOTHILLS, AZ, and Surrounding Areas way to restore your comfort. Double-check the thermostat to make sure you set it to cool and contact Society’s air for air conditioning repair in Tacna, AZ if the issue persists.

If your air conditioner is providing cooling, but you notice a spike in your energy costs, a leak, or unusual noises, consider service soon. Diagnosing these issues early can be more affordable and prevent major repairs or a loss of your cooling to an AC failure.

Our friendly technicians bring knowledge and equipment to restore your air conditioning. We provide major repairs like AC replacement in Tacna, AZ and small repairs like cleaning dirty condenser coils to improve energy efficiency and comfort. Let us deliver your long-lasting AC repair in Tacna, Yuma, FOOTHILLS, AZ, and surrounding areas.

There is nothing more significant in Arizona than keeping your air conditioner in good shape. And with the harsh weather coming up, you need to be on your toes. So whenever you see signs that there might be some problem with your AC, you should call a company to give AC repair in Tacna, AZ

Here Are Some Early Signs That Shows You Need AC Repair – 

  • Warm Air 

Your air-conditioner is supposed to improve the quality of your air while making the room cool. So whenever you notice that there is warm air coming from your air conditioner rather than a cold breeze, there’s something wrong.

Even after you have checked that the thermostat is programmed perfectly, there could be an issue with the compressor. You should call over professionals from Tacna AC repair rather than applying DIY techniques. 

  • Strange Noises and Smell 

Unusual noises coming from your AC are another sign that your AC needs repair. If you hear banging, clanking coming from your air-conditioner, there is some part of your air conditioner that has come loose and is smacking with the rest of it. 

Smells are another headache. If there is a smell in your house that you cannot pinpoint, the ducts of your air conditioner might have some mould growing in them. 

  • Leaking Water 

Your AC functions on something called a refrigerant to lower the temperature of your home. And while your air conditioner is working, it might create some condensation. While it does produce water, there is no acceptable reason why this water should leak anywhere.

Notice a puddle of water right underneath your AC or in a spot on a wall? You have leakage issues. Experts from air conditioning repair in Tacna will be able to help you resolve this issue.

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When your home or business requires AC repair in Tacna, AZ, you can depend on Society’s Air for reliable AC service in Tacna, AZ with upfront pricing. We also deliver other services like AC maintenance, AC tune-up in Tacna, AZ, and ductless services.

Reach out for help when you notice these signs and apply for regular maintenance checkups quickly. These maintenance checkups make sure that you and your air conditioner are on top of the game. 

You’ll get to know reports of any possible failure or replacement and save your wallet trouble. There is still one thing to address, however. Some differences exist between maintenance checkups and repair services. 

The first difference is that a maintenance checkup is when your AC is running well, and Tacna AC repair when it is failing.

A repair service resolves any problems that you might be having with your air-conditioner. Whereas a maintenance checkup keeps your AC in the best condition it can be.

The cost of both services can vary. But generally speaking, repair service costs more than a maintenance checkup.  We also offer AC installation in Tacna, AZ to your doorstep.

If you need repair or maintenance or both – you can always rely on Society’s Air. We are the best AC repair in Tacna, AZ, and can help you with all things related to your air conditioner. All you have to do is contact us, or write to us at [email protected].

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the life expectancy of my unit?

The state of an air conditioner can be affected by a variety of things. Modern air conditioners have a life expectancy of 15-20 years. However, old air conditioners tend to last for no longer than 10-15 years. An AC repair In Tacna, AZ, can replace old AC units and reduce future expenses. 

What should I know before getting a new air conditioner?

Air conditioners have become a necessity nowadays. Replacing an air conditioner may be the only way to restore efficiency lost owing to old air conditioners. The following are the most important elements to consider when deciding when to replace your air conditioner – 

  • Age of your AC
  • High cost of AC repairs 
  • High AC maintenance costs 
  • Low energy efficiency
  • Lack of advanced technology
  • Unsuitable system for a house 
  • Use of Freon refrigerants

What happens if we use AC without service?

Annual maintenance is required for air conditioning systems. Neglecting to service an air conditioner might result in lower efficiency and increased electricity use. Air conditioners’ filters tend to collect dust and debris. 

Cleaning up air conditioners and regular service can limit the allergies caused due to dirty airflow. Apart from this, the air conditioner’s longevity is increased. Call up an air conditioning repair in Tacna, AZ, for regular servicing. 

What is done during HVAC maintenance?

During the HVAC maintenance, the following steps are carried out – 

  • Refrigerant inspection

The amount of refrigerant that needs to be maintained is as per the HVAC unit’s requirement. Too much or too little refrigerant can cause wastage or deteriorate the health of the system. 

  • Blower Maintenance

The blower components of the HVAC system need to be maintained regularly to make sure that the airflow is as required. The blower assembly is cleaned thoroughly to avoid dirt accumulation and clogging.  

  • Heating elements assessment

The heating elements of the HVAC system, such as gas or oil connection, are inspected, examined, and cleaned thoroughly to avoid clogging. Along with that, you need to check the connection for any leaks. 

How long does it take to fix AC?

The duration of an air conditioner repair depends on the status of your air conditioner. However, most AC repairs in Tacna, AZ, take about one day for repairs and replacements. It takes approximately 4 hours to install a furnace and could take 3-4 days to install ductwork for an air conditioner. 

My air conditioner is blowing out hot air. What should I do?

Several factors can cause an air conditioner to blow hot air instead of cold air. Figure out the right cause behind reduced airflow. Some of the reasons are – 

  • Check if the thermostat setting is set to “heat” and change it back to the “cool” option. 
  • Dirty coils and filters can limit the flow of cold air. An AC repair technician can clean these up to ensure better airflow. 
  • Condenser coils are located outside and are prone to dust and debris. Check the condenser coil and ensure that the space is free from blockages. 
  • Low refrigerant values cause an air conditioner to blow hot air. Get these fixed by a repair professional to increase the air quality.