I am very pleased to have found this business! My tenants had contacted me around 5:30 pm about two weeks ago saying the a/c unit was shutting down after it was trying to start. Mind you, the temperature at that time was about 110 degrees. I contacted the warranty company and they could have somebody out the next day. Unacceptable if you ask me. It’s 110 out and they couldn’t connect me to someone who could come out now.

Not content to let my tenants fry in the house overnight or put them up in a hotel, I searched Yelp and came across this business. Thankfully they were open until 9 pm, I called and Phillip answered and he said he was able to come to the house in the next hour (as he was on a current home visit.) I texted him the address and the tenants’ names. He called me once he was at the house and told me what was wrong with the unit and that he checked it all over for any other signs of damage or if anything else was in need of repair.

He said that he didn’t have a part needed readily available on his truck and that he was able to temporarily fix the issue until the next day when he could come back and install the needed part.

He got the unit working much to me and my tenants’ delight rather fast. I am extremely pleased with the service we received and am so grateful he was able to do it so quickly. Great owner and attention to urgency were great. Thank you, Phillip, for your help! I will be using you again if need be!