Your heat pump has a critical role in cooling your home during the hot days and getting it warm and cosy during the winter. The comfort of your family depends on it. 

You wouldn’t want it to be malfunctioning when you need it the most. Your heat pump requires good maintenance. Neglecting it may cause various problems with your heat pump. A professional is necessary to provide service for heat pump repair Tacna, AZ.

Some Common Problems With Your Heat Pump

  • Noisy System

 If your heat pump makes a lot of noise, there might be an issue with a component. It might be loose or broken. Get it repaired before it results in a huge problem.

  • Energy Bills

If you are getting higher energy bills than expected, your heat pump might be the case. Get it checked by an expert technician to prevent any further damage to your unit.

  • Short Cycling

 If your heat pump is short cycling, it needs repair. Short cycling means your heat pump starts, runs for some time, pauses, and starts all over again. If neglected, this may affect the heating and cooling of your house.

  • Stuck in One Mode

If your heat pump is cooling even if you choose to heat, its reversing valve is malfunctioning. The reversing valve is an important part that enables your heat pump to switch between cooling and heating. Contact a professional immediately.

  • Ice on the Unit

 If you see any ice on the surface of your outside heat pump unit, it might be due to refrigerant leaks. 

  • Low Level of Refrigerant

 If your refrigerant levels are low, your heat pump won’t work as expected. Call for a technician to check if your refrigerant levels are low and get it recharged.

  • Thermostat Problem

If your thermostat isn’t reading the temperature accurately, it needs a recalibration or a repair if it’s broken.

  • Broken Starter Capacitor

If your heat pump isn’t turning on and you hear a clicking noise during the start of your heat pump, the problem is with your starter capacitor. It would help if you got it replaced through a technician at the earliest.

  • Unit is Blocked

If your outer system is blocked due to leaves, snow, or other factors, your heat pump won’t get proper air intake. You might want to get it cleaned.

  • The Air Filter is Dirty

 Air filters catch dirt and dust. When too much is accumulated, it blocks the airflow. Check your air filters at regular intervals and get them replaced if it’s dirty.

  • The Compressor Contractor/Capacitor is Broken

 If it is damaged, your unit may keep running all the time.

  • Noticeable Scent

 Your heat pump mustn’t release any smell. If it does, get it repaired as soon as possible.

  • Air Handler Not Activating

 If your outer unit is running and your inner system isn’t taking in any air, it is due to a malfunctioning air handler. This may be because of bad wiring, a broken motor, or a broken circuit.

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