Feeling cold isn’t pleasant for most people. Anyone who has ever been taken by surprise by a broken furnace during the winter knows how it feels. Scheduling routine maintenance can assist homeowners in preventing mechanical issues. 

Furnaces play a crucial role in determining your energy usage. Having a heater with little or no maintenance for a very long time can lead to poor results. The result is you’re paying more for heating your home than necessary, as it’s a major energy drain. An annual furnace tune-up is recommended each Fall.

Some Tips to Prolong The Lifespan of Your Furnace

Additionally, you can perform some maintenance tasks on your own.

  • Replace Dirty Filters

 The heater pulls in lots of gunk (like dust and debris), and filters protect the interior parts from this gunk. By preventing recirculation of contaminants, also helps improve indoor air quality. A big bonus comes with that second part, since indoor air may contain five times more pollution than outdoor air.

It is easy to imagine that the furnace filter can get clogged up with dirt after months of usage. Dirty filters can restrict airflow as well as cause health problems in your home. Maintaining a clean furnace filter is essential for furnace efficiency as well as for your health.

  • Clean the Blades of the Blower with a Vacuum and Brush

Start by visually inspecting the blower blades. They pump hot air throughout your home, as their name implies. When they contain dirt, the air circulated will also contain contaminants.

You can remove the blower from the unit with a screwdriver by loosening the screws. A brush can also be used to clean dirt buildup; then, you can use the vacuum to eliminate it. 

  • Perform A Flame Test on the Burner

The burner will be less effective and more dangerous if there are leaks or dirt buildups. Therefore, regular furnace maintenance includes a burner flame check. Observe the color of the flames to determine their condition.

Start the thermostat and reconnect the power to check. See how the flames are colored now. As long as the flame is evenly distributed and the color is blue, you should be fine. If you see any problems then contact a professional for furnace repair in Tacna, AZ.

  • Clean the Flame Sensor Regularly

Using the flame sensor, the furnace can detect a flame, or only the gas valve is open. Sensors are easy to identify because they appear as thin, bent metal rods. This is located in the area where the furnace produces the flames.

You may receive a false reading if your sensor is dirty. Give it a gentle wipe once in a while to keep it clean. You can also book heating services in Tacna, AZ.

  • Take Care of the Pilot and Ignitor 

You won’t be able to turn on your furnace if the pilot light doesn’t come on. Your furnace won’t be able to ignite if the surface ignitor is dirty. To prevent problems with your heater on/off cycle, make sure both of them are clean.

Take advantage of these furnace maintenance tips to make the cold winter days more bearable. You can hire our expert HVAC technicians at Society’s Air if you don’t feel comfortable doing DIY maintenance. 

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