Turning on your shower, only to find no hot water can be the most unbearable experience in many ways since it takes care of cooking, cleaning, and other essential amenities as well. Before letting your mind anticipate the worst possible faults, here are some reasons why your water heater might be malfunctioning which can help you troubleshoot the issue. 

And if the performance still does not improve, contact the experts at Society’s Air for a professional inspection or water heater replacement in Tacna, AZ today.

Possible Reasons For Water Heater Malfunction

Below is a compilation of reasons behind the malfunctioning of your water heater and some fixes you can implement. 

  • Malfunctioning Thermostat

Check the thermostat if there is a shortage of hot water or inadequate supply, for energy-efficient performance, the thermostat must be set between 122 to 140F. If the thermostat has busted due to lack of care, it needs replacement. In case your thermostat is still working with sediment buildup, flush your water heater.

  • No Gas Supply 

Before going for a water heater replacement, make sure that the inlet valve is open and turn the control knob to PILOT to check the gas supply. Accidentally, sometimes the fuel line can be blocked or turned off so check if there is a lit flame inside the water heater by removing the cover at the bottom.

  • Damaged Parts

HVACs Tacna, AZ have pressure relief valves engineered to discharge high pressure from the water tank. If this valve breaks or leaks, it is recommended to replace it with a new one or contact any heating repair in Tacna, AZ which can be more convenient.   

  • Leaking Tank 

A lack of hot water can directly point to leaks in the tank, an empty tank wastes energy and can lead to bigger issues. Check the tank’s compartment after inspecting the connections between the appliance, pipes, and valves for any possible leaks. Water in the compartment is the tip-off to replace the appliance. 

  • Pilot Light 

You would have to relight the pilot light if you did not see a flame while checking for gas supply. As per your owner’s manual follow the instructions to relight the pilot light. A defective thermocouple would make it impossible to relight the pilot light, demanding a replacement, and Society’s Air is at your service for water heater replacement.

  • Inadequate Unit 

Your water heater could be producing hot water, but due to a small unit and low capacity, it may be insufficient to meet your household’s hot water demand. Before upgrading your HVAC in Tacna, AZ remember that it takes electric water heaters longer than gas water heaters to heat.

What To Do If Troubleshooting Doesn’t Work?

In case your tank does not provide hot water even after testing all the above troubleshooting methods, you should schedule a maintenance or inspection appointment from Society’s Air’s team of proficient experts. Not just, water heater replacement, they can also handle heating repair while treating your home with courtesy and precision. Contact them today for quality assistance with no hassle of down payments or loans.