Many homeowners find heat pumps attractive because they perform much like an air conditioner in a residential setting. Heat pumps provide convenient heating during hot, humid summers and cold, frosty winter months. They work by transferring heat back to your home (in winter) or away from it (in summer). It is possible, however, even with the best unit to develop leaks over time.

Several Factors Can Cause Your Heat Pump to Leak

  • Coils of The Evaporator Are Frozen

Heat pumps that leak usually has this problem. In the summer, if your heat pump’s refrigerant levels drop below their recommended levels, ice will build upon the evaporator coils, which will limit its ability to cool your home efficiently. The ice may melt when your heat pump kicks on, causing the leak.

Unless your heat pump’s refrigerant levels are consistent, there’s a high probability that you have a refrigerant leak. Homeowners should not recharge their refrigerants. A professional HVAC technician can safely restore your refrigerant levels to normal so that your heat pump can function again.

  • Drainage Problems

Heat pumps are designed to remove excess moisture from the air. Normally, your condensate pan collects any water that drips from your unit, which is then carried away by the drain line. However, a clogged condensate pan can overflow instead of pouring moisture down the drain line, leading to leaks in your heat pump.

Physical debris can cause a condensate clog, but mold and algae are more difficult to spot. Check your condensate pan on your own to see if there are any blockages. In that case contact an HVAC professional for heating repair in Tacna, AZ.

A specialist can quickly and easily relieve this issue by removing the clog so your heat pump can drain properly again, causing the leak to stop. When a condensate pan becomes clogged, however, moisture can overflow rather than drain down the drain line, affecting your heat pump and leading to leaks.

  • Rusty Coils

Dust and dirt clogging the coil will cause evaporator coils to stop working, and water will leak and gather on the floor. You should change your air filters regularly to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating in your coils. It is similar to changing air filters in your home.

  • Poorly Maintained Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are commonly not attended to regularly, reducing efficiency, functionality, and life expectancy. A simple tune-up process will ensure that you get the best performance and lifespan out of your system.

The initial inspection helps ensure any existing issues with your heat pump are addressed before severe damage occurs. Most problems with heat pumps start as small ones that can be fixed quickly. Contact us for scheduling heating services in Tacna, AZ.

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