AC Tune Up in Maricopa, Chandler, Sun Lakes, AZ and Surrounding Areas

It’s Time for an AC Tune Up in Maricopa, AZ

AC Tune Up

Your hardworking air conditioner needs to be taken care of so that it can continue to provide reliable, cool comfort for you and your family. You probably already know that you should change the air filter annually, but did you know your entire AC should be tuned up once a year? Doing so will help ensure it’s always ready when you need it most.  If you haven’t had an AC tune up in Maricopa, AZ in a while, let the pros at Society’s Air take care of it for you.

Is an AC Tune Up Really Necessary?

Your air conditioner is a complex machine full and even a small issue can wreak havoc on the entire system. From the many electrical connections to the fans, belts, and motors, it’s vital that every component is in top condition. When you have your air conditioner tuned up, you can rest easy knowing that everything is operating the way it should. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that repairs are much less likely.

What’s Included in an AC Tune Up in Maricopa, AZ?

The first step of an air conditioner tune up is a thorough inspection of your unit. Everything gets looked at, from the exterior of the unit to the tiniest connections. If there’s a problem, we’ll fix it on the spot. A typical AC tune up visit will also include:

  • Assessing Your AC’s Performance
  • Testing & Calibrating Your Thermostat
  • Checking and Re-Charging the Coolant
  • Clearing Debris from Inside the AC
  • Checking Ducts for Blockage
  • Changing Air Filters
  • Testing Electrical and Fuel Connections

AC Tune Up in Maricopa, Chandler, Sun Lakes, AZ and Surrounding Areas

Schedule an AC Tune Up in Maricopa, AZ

If you’re worried about your air conditioner’s performance, if you’ve had issues with it this season, or if you just want to make sure everything’s ok, contact us. We’ll be happy to schedule a convenient time for one of our highly-qualified, licensed HVAC technicians to tune up your AC so you can enjoy the rest of the season.

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