During winter, your heating system plays a vital role for your home. Have you ever thought about what happens if your furnace isn’t producing hot air when you need it the most? 

Having a furnace that cannot produce hot air during the chilly winter and requiring an emergency heating installation expert in Yuma, AZ, can be extremely frustrating.

Want to know some tips that can help you fix this problem? Keep reading to learn the steps. If the problem is still not resolved, you can look for the best heating repair services in Yuma, Arizona.

Potential reasons why your furnace is not blowing hot air?

If you’re noticing that your furnace is not blowing hot air, it must be because of the reasons mentioned below. 

  • Issue With Thermostat

It’s not your furnace’s fault if it produces cold air rather than the heat you want. The thermostat could be the source of the issue. For instance, if your fan is set to blow continuously, cold air will eventually be released. Moreover, problems can arise from a low battery that is not quite dead.

  • Clogged Filters

There is still another user error that might cause your cold air problems. A clogged, dirty, old filter can hamper your HVAC system’s potential to move air. 

This could reduce your furnace’s capacity to generate and distribute warm air throughout your home. The furnace begins to blow cold air when the filters are blocked. 

  • Moisture In System

The moisture in your HVAC system is another element that needs routine maintenance. The condensing unit in your HVAC system drips water into a drip pan continuously when running in hot weather. That water is taken out through piping and eventually drains outside your house. 

Those lines can accumulate dirt and grime, especially if you don’t give them routine maintenance. You will undoubtedly have more sludge in the pipes the more you use your device. Once they are blocked, your float switch will trip, shutting down your system.

Here are some tips which will help you fix this issue:

If your heater isn’t blowing hot air, you can try the following furnace troubleshooting advice.

  • Check the batteries in your thermostat and swap out any that are dead or broken.

  • Check if your thermostat’s fan settings are set to “auto” rather than “on,” check them.

  • Verify that no one has altered the temperature on your thermostat.

  • All the parts of your furnace susceptible to dirt and grime should be cleaned thoroughly.

  • You could also get in touch with HVAC experts to have the system thoroughly cleaned. If they say you have to buy a new one, always hire a certified heating installation expert in Yuma, AZ.

  • Verify that the gas valve is open and unobstructed by dirt.

  • Examine whether the blower motor panel was left open after maintenance or cleaning.

Bottom line

Calling HVAC experts is the best option if your furnace is still not blowing hot air despite performing the required troubleshooting. Society’s Air LLC can help you with the best furnace-related services. 

We understand that such situations can happen anytime, so we provide our services 24 x 7. Get the best HVAC related services with us. Give us a call to set an appointment for heating repair in Yuma.