Thunderstorms in Arizona are never good news. Not only will they damage your property, but they can also cause power outages in your area. If the power comes back and your air conditioner does not work, you can restart the system by following a few simple instructions. Let us have a look at how to restart the air conditioner after a power failure!

Different Ways to Reset Your Air Conditioner

Along with the opportunity of wind damage, one of the biggest threats to your private home in the course of excessive climate is lightning. So, it is better to call an AC technician for Tacna air conditioning repair.

  • Turn Off the Air Conditioner With a Thermostat

Just like a laptop, you need to turn off the air conditioner before you can restart it. Just like that you can also use the thermostat to turn it off; find the system switch on this device and turn it to the OFF position.

  • Turn Off the Air Conditioner on The Circuit Breaker

After turning the air conditioner off the use of the thermostat, you’ll want to do it again, however on the circuit breaker this time. Find the transfer to your vital heating and air-con gadget on the circuit breaker and transfer it OFF.

  • Switch On The AC  

After turning off the air conditioner completely, it is time to turn on the air conditioner again. Return the circuit breaker and turn the AC circuit breaker to the ON position.

  • Wait Half An Hour

After turning on the system again, it takes some time to reset the internal circuit of the air conditioner. It usually takes about 30 minutes, so please wait.

  • Turn On The Thermostat

After half an hour, return to the thermostat and turn on the air conditioner again. If the reset is correct, it usually means that your air conditioner is not damaged due to a power outage. 

Troubleshooting Your Work 

Once you enjoy the fresh air again, it would be bad to turn it off immediately. There are many reasons why the AC circuit breaker will trip again shortly after you know to restart the air conditioner. These include – 

  • An internal issue with the AC unit requires the immediate service of a skilled AC professional.
  • A dirty filter that needs an instant replacement or cleaning.
  • A broken thermostat that requires repair or replacement service.
  • The current or voltage drop that shuts off normal power supply when you are unaware of another surge happening.

Call your HVAC service expert to assist you in air conditioner service in Tacna, AZ. If the above procedure doesn’t work, it may indicate a problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Never try to DIY; instead, call your local HVAC expert. After all, it is better to leave electrical and HVAC issues to professionals.

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