When summer arrives, you need your air conditioner to work flawlessly, and even the greatest air conditioners can develop problems over time.

Is Your Air Conditioner Not Working Properly? 

Don’t be concerned. We provide top-notch services that can troubleshoot your air conditioner and get it up and running again. Use this AC repair in Tacna, AZ to figure out what’s wrong with your air conditioner, such as why it’s not cooling, and how to fix it.

  • AC Not Cooling

Air Conditioner Won’t Blow Cold Air

If your air conditioner starts on but doesn’t blow cold air, double-check that all the vents are open and the thermostat is adjusted correctly. Check the air filter if none of the above is the issue. You won’t be able to breathe if it’s blocked with dirt or other particles. The ice and frost will choke the airflow even more since the obstruction may cause the evaporator coils to freeze.

Air Conditioner Not Cooling Enough

Make certain that all of your vents are open. If even one of them is closed, the heated air from the room with the closed vent will mix with the chilled air from the others, making it more difficult to cool your entire home. Otherwise, you might have another issue, such as a refrigerant line leak.

  • AC Leaking Water

Air Conditioner Leaking Water Inside

If your AC leaks water inside your home, switch it off to avoid costly water damage. Your condensate drain line may be clogged, allowing water to back up into your house. To unclog the line, DIYers might use a wet/dry vacuum. If it doesn’t work, it’s possible that your drain pan has rusted out or that your condensate pump has failed. 

Air Conditioner Leaking Water Outside

Your system may freeze up while operating if it is short on refrigerant or has a dirty filter. The ice will melt after you turn it off, causing it to leak water. Don’t take a chance with your air conditioner or it will end up spilling water on the floor or ceiling causing water damage. An AC service in Tacna, AZ can also help.

  • AC Won’t Turn Off

Air Conditioner Won’t Stop Running

You may have a filthy filter if your air conditioner runs longer than it should. Check to see if cleaning or replacing your filter may help. If your system is outdated or incorrectly sized, it may work too hard, cycle too frequently, and have trouble shutting down.

Central AC Won’t Turn On

It might be as simple as adjusting the thermostat if your central air system fails to turn on. If it doesn’t work, contact a specialist since your HVAC system may require repair or replacement.

AC Window Unit Won’t Kick On

When utilizing a window unit, make sure the temperature is set appropriately and that the gadget is receiving power. Contact a professional for AC window unit repair if neither of these troubleshooting approaches succeeds in finding the problem.

  • AC Fan Not Working

Air Conditioner Fan Not Working Inside

Check to see whether a breaker has been tripped if your AC indoor fan isn’t operating. If everything appears to be in order, inspect your air filter. If it’s clogged, you might be able to unclog it yourself. Allow the ice on the evaporator coil and refrigerant lines to thaw before checking to see whether the fan is operating again.

Air Conditioner Fan Not Working Outside

Check your outside unit if your air conditioner isn’t cooling correctly. Check the breaker also or fuse box first if the outside fan isn’t whirling. If a reset does not solve the problem, there might be a few issues at work that have to be solved by AC tune-up in Tacna, AZ.

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